Mariachi Vest

For our tailoring project, I was inspired by the cultural significance of a mariachi and wanted to reflect my own heritage through the aesthetics of my vest.  I chose a plaid wool and used chain stitch embroidery to represent my Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ancestry.

This was a very fun project for me, although frustrating.  I learned to appreciate even more the time and effort that it takes to create a well-crafted garment.  Impressed by the craftsmanship and dedication I witnessed at La Casa del Mariachi, I really tried to push myself to create a well-fitting and tasteful garment.



Mariachi Conversation

At first its a discord of sounds and plucks

The tune up of an introduction

Like the guitar humming up to an E

Shaking hands with the A of the violin

The jolted chords as you start and stop

And laugh till you find the rhythm

Of the guittarron mumbling low to the beat

The tempo rises and you start to grin

As the harmony of things in common

Gets the music dancing, gets words swaying

In the engaging conversation where

The accordion and the trumpet are exciting

New stories that liven the scene

As violin and vihuela rhythmically blend

Your souls into a friendship that will last

After the final reverberating chord ends

Saying goodbye to mariachi for the night

Just means you start waiting

For the next conversation

With your new found friend