Fast Fashion- Hecho en México

Project Statement:

Our goal was to have a garment a comfortable and versatile garment that would appeal to a broader range of customers. We chose to “knock off” a t-shirt for the piecework production project. Our company Shamans was based off-shore in Mexico. The work load was divided up to most efficiently utilize each others skill sets and levels. We worked with a cream colored knit, purchased downtown in the fashion district and used an iron-on graphic designed by Michael. We made the t-shirt “one size fits most” and unisex to target a wider variety of consumers.

photo 3photo 4

We were able to work in a real “sweat shop”, thanks to Vanessa’s fiancé. It really enhanced the project by getting outside the classroom experience working in the piece-production industry.


Cost breakdown:
Garment: T-Shirt With Graphic
Made in: Mexico
Mexico Labor Costs:
79.6 Pesos Per Day (8 Hour Day)= $6.24 USD (WAGEINDICATOR.ORG FOR 2013)
Labor: 38 hrs. 42 min= $29.96 USD : 15 Pieces= $1.99 per shirt
Fabric: 25 yard roll= $25 = $1 per yrd
Thread: 6 spools= $9
Transfer Paper= $24 for 20 sheets= 15 Sheets= $18 = $1.20 per shirt

Total per shirt= $2.19
Retail= $10
Profit= $7.80 per shirt