Final Project: Workday #3

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Drafted pants pattern and made muslin. Fit pretty well, just needed to adjust the volume in the legs.


Quiz #5

1. Temporal:  Fashion is fleeting.  It’s not fixed, but rather a fluid concept. It is constantly shifting from one thing to the next. Even present fashions are just a step away from being outdated. For that reason, fashion is hard to define, as the characteristics of it are constantly morphing into something new.

Social: Fashion is communication.  It’s a way we connect, relate, and view people. Fashion is a window into the nature of a person.  How we dress is the uniform of whatever social group we belong to.

Material: Fashion needs a canvas.  Fashion uses different aspects of lifestyle and appearance to convey itself. It isn’t something that can stay in the theoretical world. It must have a tangible vehicle.

2. Fashion is play when you take it beyond the practicality of dress.  When you infuse it with new meaning and enjoyment to it apart from protection and modesty. Because of the exterior oriented nature of fashion, it is easy to experiment and have fun with it. Clothing can become so entrenched in a routine that little thought or sense of pleasure is received from dress. It can make a huge difference to your outlook on life to make change to your appearance. You can play with fashion by altering your image, or, as culture today has dubbed it, get a makeover. Celebrities are notorious for playing with fashion and getting constantly made over.111 before-after-71 1247862414-drew-barrymore-red-carpet-makeover cos-01-anne-hathaway-before-after-makeover-2012-de

3. Someone with a histrionic attitude is an attention whore and a drama-queen.  They develop their esteem about themselves based on the opinions of others. Histrionic people receive their value from other people, not from themselves. They are obsessed with their appearance and spend excessive and unnecessary amounts of time on how they look.  Because they do not validate their interior self, using their exterior is a way for them to attract the attention they need to feel worth. I have definitely had friends and acquaintances that place an unhealthy priority on their appearance.  They will spend hours getting ready for something, refuse to leave the house without makeup on or their hair done.  These friends are the loud, outgoing social butterflies, who you know are extremely insecure at their center.

The schizoid attitude is the complete opposite. They place little value in the opinions of others. They do not need attention to feel worth something and are detached from social life. Putting any effort into their appearance makes little sense to the schizoid as that is not where they derive the meaning to their life.  They prefer to live as under the radar as possible. I haven’t been in contact with a true schizoid, as defined by the book. However, through self-reflection, I suppose I match up with some of the characteristics.  I place little value on my outward appearance and do not need the approval/attention of others to feel worth something. I do prefer to be alone or in small groups.  I tend to find my self-esteem in my creativity.  However, the emotional coldness and other aspects of a schizoid did not ring a bell with me.

Alter Ego Proposal

I have two ideas:

1. Be Super Girly

As this is not my usual style, I thought it would be interesting to spend time dolled up. I plan to spend time at school, at home, and going out. To see reactions of people who are familiar with my typical casual style, and those who are not.


2. Be a French Exchange Student

Someone from another country always brings attention. I will also be participating in “no-shave november”, which is very far from the social norm here in America. I will be utilizing my French minor. This alter ego would appear in the same places as the previous idea.