Zulu Adornment: Museum Report

This exhibit featured bead-work and staffs. These were amazing pieces of art, that displayed the power dressing of the Zulu people. I was inspired by the texture and color of the bead-work.   This meticulously made adornment was used by both Zulu men and women as a sign of status and power.  The belts, aprons, necklaces, and back pieces were decorated with primary colors and geometric designs.  There was precision and thought put into the work.

The staffs, also a symbol of power, were carved with figures of people and animals.   There was minute detail and a polished finish.  I was intrigued by the concept of using these staffs as a way to extend one’s personal space.

The Zulus crafted their work with great detail and resourcefulness. They used what they had available to create these splendid works of art.



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