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Art 489- Final Project

My Inspiration:

My final project is inspired by an undergraduate research project which I am participating in.  This project is undertaking the study of a community, Wyvernwood Garden Apartements, located in Boyle Heights.  Wyvernwood is a unique apartment complex which was constructed in the 1930s and is centered around large, open grassy spaces, in order to promote a sense of community and involvement. The community over the years has been characterized by its family and neighbor orientation, being close knit.  However recently it has experienced a corporate takeover and now faces a possible wrecking ball, as the corporation now owning Wyvernwood wishes to build a high rise in its place in an attempt to gentrify the neighborhood.  The “Storying Wyvernwood” research project culminates in an exhibit which hopes to tell the stories of the people in this idealistic community before their values and community disperse. My involvement with the project is research on how fashion shapes the identity of a culture/community and how their values can be read through what they wear.

The Garments:

For the exhibit, I am creating a triptych of garments, which will symbolize the corporate takeover of this community and
how their identity begins to change through the control of the corporation.  I am using the techniques I have learned in ART 489 to construct these garments. Real-Sketchs

The Process:


I tested a few smocking techniques before deciding to use a Leaf pattern.IMG_2352IMG_2387IMG_2388


Dye Job:

I wasn’t able to find the color silk I wanted downtown, so I created a custom color using Jacquard cold water dye.  It was a lengthy process as this was my first time dying, and it was difficult coming up with the right color green. There was a lot of in-pot formula changes as I was trying to avoid a color that screamed 60s-avacado-bathroom-tile.

IMG_2365 IMG_2364 IMG_2371

I also did some shibori techniques.

IMG_2376 IMG_2368 IMG_2384 IMG_2366 IMG_2385 IMG_2373 IMG_2374 IMG_2386


The Finished Garment: