ART 304- Zero Waste Garment

Zero waste is an exciting way to produce clothing. It’s a puzzle where the finished result offers your more than the satisfaction of figuring it out, but also the reassurance that you contributed to the solution of a problem in the fashion industry…textile waste. My mission as a designer is to raise awareness to eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

Zero waste is a really fascinating and creative way to approach the design of a garment.  It requires much more thought and dedication than designing with waste. Timo Rissanen from Parsons encourages zero waste designers to “keep an open mind  regarding the final outcome… [which will allow you ] to explore and invent new outcomes.”

For this project I designed a pair of gusseted pants with large side pockets. The basic shapes were rectangles, which is one of the easiest ways to address the problem of zero waste. However I wanted to challenge these basic shapes by making a pair of pants which usually needs a curve in the crotch.  Overall I am pleased with how my design turned out.  I intend to continue to experiement with zero waste and follow Rissanens advice of keeping an open mind in the design process.  I am looking forward to challenging myself further with this design technique

photo 2photo 1 (1)cutting diagramphoto 1