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Art 204: Final Project

photoI am taking my inspiration from the Zulu exhibit at the Fowler. Aesthetically, I am pulling the geometric designs from the bead-work and translating them through piecework and cut-outs in my design. Conceptually, I am inspired by the concept of expanding body space by use of the Zulu spears. I am conveying this idea through looser silhouettes and bright colors.Recently Updated3-001 Recently Updated1 Recently Updated2IMG_1716

Final Garment



Final Project: Last Work Day

My top proved more difficult than I thought. But I guess that’s what I get for sewing chiffon on the bias. The cutouts were excruciating, but the easiest way was to hand blanket stitch around them.  Making yards and yards of the orange binding tape wasn’t as time consuming as I thought it would be.  I’m excited with how it’s turning out, regardless of the frustrations. IMG_1706 IMG_1705

Final Project: Thanksgiving Week Work Days

It was a busy week home. Even though I was not at school, I brought school with me. I managed to complete my pants.  It went pretty well. The only issue was that I realized my material was too thin to do a single layer, so I had to fully line my pants. This turned out to be less difficult than I imagined. I am very thrilled that they fit like I hoped they would.


Lantern Sleeve

Lantern Sleeve, Set into Basic Bodice, Back
Lantern Sleeve, Set into Basic Bodice, Back
Lantern Sleeve, Set into Basic Bodice, Front
Lantern Sleeve, Set into Basic Bodice, Front

The sleeve did not fit into armhole, which was frustrating and was due to the fact that the block sleeve was too large and also because I failed to walk my pattern properly.